October 10th, 2020: KM 612.8 - 633.2

 (Sydenham 54.9 - 75.3)

Two Bruce hikes in one year? Amazing.

Fiona and I took Friday off work to make it an extra long Thanksgiving weekend. We drove up to Owen Sound on Friday so that we could get an early start on Saturday morning.

We met Chris at the end point, near Bothwell's Corner

then we drove to the starting point, where we found this doggo without any collar lying in the grass beside the parking lot.

He was pretty timid but was excited to see another dog. We gave him a few treats.

He initially tried to follow us, and I think he would have joined us on the hike had we allowed him. Chris led him back to the parking lot, and he ended up staying there. We really hope he found his owners :(

The hike began by following roads for a few kilometres, past many farmers fields.

Eventually the path cut into a field and went up into a forest.

Eily found some  tall grass to have a quick rest.

After the forest, it was back on the road again for a few more kilometres.

The trail cut into the forest again, this time with some deep crevasses on each side of the trail.

All in all it took just under 5.5 hours total to hike the ~20kms. Great hike!