October 17-18th 2017: KM 454.7 - 517.9

(Beaver Valley 14.5 - 73.8)

So Anthony and Jamie finally made it out again!
We missed posting a blog for our last section October 2016 that brought us to this starting point.
Because we weren't able to make it out onto the trail in almost exactly a year. we have fallen behind the Smith Bros.
In order to make up that difference we opted for a 2 day excursion with and overnight stay in Eugenia Falls at an Airbnb.

We decided it would be a good idea to pack up the bikes and hit the road between the starting and ending points of the hike to save on some cab fare. The weather was great for this time of year and it seamed like a good idea after researching the grade for the bike ride.

Boy were we wrong!
There was so much wind and the it turned out to be a lot more uphill biking than we had thought.
the trip went like this:

Day 1
We parked the car at the 14.5km and bikes to the 41.7km mark on our maps in edition 25.
The ride ended up being 22.11 km and took us 1h 50min to complete! Nuts!!!
We sucked it up and started out on our 30km hike.
Because there was a reroute, we had a big climb of approx 3km right off the bat.
From there everything was going well. We started later than expected which put us into some dusk hiking.
With about 3km to go we entered our last stretch of wooded trail before the car.
We made it 1/4 of the way in before it got dark and were force to use headlamps...that's we heard a pack of coyotes! After a brief pasue to figure out our next move, we decided it would be best to backtrack out of the woods and hit the road. This added a bit of distance and time to the hike, but was definitely the right call!
We made it back to the car a little exhausted, but in one piece.

We decided to leave the bikes for the night were we had locked them up and grab them in the morning. Then drove to our accommodations for the night, arriving at 8:30pm, about 2hrs later than expected.
BBQ'd some dinner and hit the sack.

Day 2
Woke up fairly sore as you can imagine form the rough day before. But decided to hike on the trail from where we were back to the bikes. The bike across to the other side of the trail and back down to the car.

To start out we hiked 14km to the bikes. Biked 4.5km to the next point on the trail and set out on the last 19km of hiking.

By far the second day was a challenge. Already tired and sore from day 1, the hike seemed to drag a bit. We also had the extra pressure of knowing we needed to be back at the car before dark this time!
Needless to say we did make it with a few rays of sunset to spare.

By no means would I say this was a fun hike, but it definitely was a great experience!
We will probably limit the hikes to 20km per day if we do another 2 day hike in the future.

All tolled: 30km biking, 64km hiking.

The good news is we are finally caught up with the Smith Bros on the trail.
(As I write this, they are planning a hike for later today to once again go ahead of us! Grrr. LOL)
More incentive to get back out so we can get another 4 man hike before winter.


  1. Guys, you are crazy! But I'm glad you got caught up! (even if it was only for 3 days Mwuhahahahahahaa)


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