May 26th, 2019: KM 572.4 - KM 590.2

(Syndenham 14.5 - 32.3) [Edition 28 map markers]

Definitely great weather for a hike today! I (Graham) woke up bright and early, then drove with Eily to Brampton to meet up with Chris. We each drove our cars to the ending point of the hike, a long and uneventful drive except for seeing snapping turtle on Highway 10 near Flesherton.

We got started at around 9:45am. The hike began with about 4.5km of dirt roads, mostly running past farms. We wandered past one smaller farm that has some very friendly horses!

Eventually the trail left the road and entered a forest for a short while. We were still mostly walking through farmer's fields, but after a steep hill there was also a backcountry campsite (Bighead Campsite).

After about 7 kms of hiking through the woods, we found the road again for another 4+ km easy stretch that ended at the entrance to Bognor Marsh.

We continued on into the marsh, which started on a boardwalk.

While we were only in marsh for about 2.5kms, we saw plenty of wildlife. In addition to the Canada Geese and Cranes swimming in the marsh, there were turkey vultures (or hawks?) flying overhead.

We also saw a large garter snake slithering near the bottom of the lookout tower.

The last part of the trail was extremely muddy as the boardwalk ended and we were pretty much hiking in the marsh.

We drove back to Chris' car and got there about 2:00pm, so about 4 hours total for the 18 km trek. There was some kind of animal on the road there... possibly a muskrat? You be the judge:

My clothes and shoes were filthy (I drove home in my socks). Eily also had to have a shower as soon as we got home, which she was not happy about.

All in all, very good hike. Can't wait for the next one, which should be in a couple of weeks if everything goes as planned!

Graham out.