November 9, 2014: KM 355.7 - 376.4

(Dufferin Hi-land 32.6km-53.3km) 4-man hike! (Graham, Chris, Anthony, Jamie)

After a few wrong turns when dropping of the car at the end of the route, we made it back to the start, ready to start at 10am.

About 20 minutes in we ran across an old power station, and had to explore a bit.

Google+ made me a fancy version of the outside photo.

Still so far to go to the end!

A few kilometers later we found a small lake

The logs were covering a concrete dam, and we were wondering if they were put there by people or beavers.

This sign says 290km to Niagara.. Not sure how this number was calculated, but its WAY off from our number (about 360kms at this point).

There was a log book on the trail, so we decided to have some fun...

A lot of ups and downs in the first half of the hike, but it started to settle down when we entered the farmers fields. However this is where the cow patties began. Keep your eyes on the trail!

The farther north we got, the more accumulated snow there was.

Found a nice little waterfall close to the end of the hike

This photo was trying to show that it had started snowing, but it was hard to see.

when we hit the final road, we were walking straight into the blowing snow. It was hard to keep my eyes open with the tiny painful flakes hitting them

Hike done! What next? Champ Burger!

We got to the cars in about 4.5 hours total. Not bad for ~20.7km. Finished only 0.5 km from the next section (Blue Mountain)!

Thanks to Anthony for tracking our progress on his phone. The app showed a slightly longer hike, possibly due to some re-routing at the beginning of today's section. Also some bonus photos!