July 3, 2011: KM 229.1 - 247.5

It's been over 2 months since our last hike! May had some of us in Peru, and June was super busy for everyone.

Anyhow, on Sunday, Chris and I finally made it out again. The last song that played on my iPhone shuffle was Frank Zappa, and I had this song stuck in my head the whole hike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvW_2YyAiUc

Trail followed the road for awhile then ducked into the forest.

It was little bit wet from rain the previous day, and there were tons of mosquitoes. I think the mosquitoes spurred us on.. we were flying.

The trail crossed couple of nice rivers.

There were quite a few signs warning about poison ivy. Chris called me the following day complaining that he had a rash on his legs, so I think he must have touched some.
Near the end of the hike, the trail entered Terra Cotta conservation area

There was a detour, so the main trail actually now follows the Terra Cotta side trail along the Caledon Trailway.

We stopped right at the end of the detour at KM marker 45.1 in the guide book.

With the detour, the total length was probably around 17km. We finished the whole thing in 3.5 hours. I think we're going to try and do another one this Sunday. Fiona and I plan to be (illegal?) camping in the area already ;)

Graham - out