July 10th, 2010: KM 139.2 - KM 153.3

Caught up wi`ya`boyz.

Chris and I started off early this morning and began hiking from the top of Syndenham Road at 8:30.

Borer's Falls was about 2.5km into the hike.

Pretty nice waterfall. Chris seemed impressed:

At around KM 6, we crossed under HWY 6. This part of the hike did not match the map and I think it took 1-2K off the total length.

This is also the spot where we took a wrong turn for a few minutes (tricky Bruce!) before backtracking and finding an old crumbling house complete with rusty tricycle.

We spotted our first deer on the trail, but it ran off before we could get a picture.

There was another, less impressive waterfall near the very end, after battling up a very long uphill.

Overall, hike was very nice.. Short but tiring. Quite a few up and downs on this one, including one big one right at the end. I do so enjoy h bruce tail