April 10th, 2010: KM 88.7 - KM 101.3

Post is a bit late.. Just got off the second hike of the year with Chris, which I will post shortly.

But right now, let's talk about the first hike! April 10th, four brave gentlemen set off into the wilderness:

It was a pretty cool day, nice for hiking. A lot of mud on the trails. Also a lot of ups and downs near the beginning of the hike. Got more level near the end.

Just as I was about to snap this pic, the snake went straight towards me.. Have you ever heard a grown man scream like a little girl?

Some nice Christians have made it easy to pray to Jesus while hiking (if you are so inclined).

You can't see it in this picture, but someone had left a campfire going just to the right (out of frame). Jamie and Chris went over to investigate. Anthony stayed behind so he could listen to Graham pee

This part of the hike reminded me of Lord of the Rings for some reason:

Felkers Falls, near the end of the hike. Nice view.

This photo marks the 100km mark. I'm glad we all got to this point together!

Side trail back to the car

Where Anthony provided us with some delicious beverages

Good hike, not strenuous at all. 12.6 k total, about 3 hours? Good way to kick off the season for sure.

I tried to use my phone to capture the route. Got about half way before the phone ran out of juice.. Here is the map that was generated