May 23rd, 2021: KM 672.9 - 689.3

(Sydenham 115.0 - 131.4)

It was a cool spring day yesterday, with the temperature hovering around 12 degrees for most of the hike. Chris, Eily and I were on the trail by 9:15am.

The map showed 16.4kms, but the Bruce app showed closer to 17.5 with the re-routes.

We started by walking around "The Glen Management Area" which is basically a giant marsh. We spotted some large cranes flying overhead.

Most of this hike was spent walking along the top of the escarpment, stepping over large deep cracks in the limestone and between giant boulders.

A short side trail led us to the remains of an old house.

A turkey vulture perched in the treetops just off the escarpment cliff. Enjoying the views.

Eily met some cows. They were very interested in each other. 

We eventually reached the parking lot on Lindenwood Rd, which had all kinds of plaques.

After crossing the road, we entered a completely different cedar forest growing on the tops of the limestone rocks. There were some (illegal) campsites and fire pits here. Actually looked like quite a good spot for secret camping.

We were all done hiking by 1:30pm, so just over 4 hours to hike about 17.5kms. 

On the way out in our car, we stopped to say hi to this beautiful horse.

Seems like our next one may include an overnight in Wiarton. Looking forward to it!