August 20th, 2016: KM 485.8 - 499.7

(Beaver Valley 41.7 - 55.6)

With an all-day thunderstorm in the forecast, we still decided to go for a hike on Saturday. Chris, Fiona, Eily and I struck out for a short one with Eugenia Falls as the target finish point (and morning meeting place).

We met at Eugene Falls, the end point of the hike, then and drove out to the starting point at Old Baldy.

 Some beautiful views from the top of Old Baldy. And, no rain to be seen!

Leaving Old Baldy, there was ~4km of roads before the trail headed back into the forest atop the escarpment.

We actually believe that the trail left the road earlier than our map shows, and because of that, we did closer to 16kms of total hiking.

There were a few trees oddly broken across the trail. Not sure what caused these. Wind?

As we approached the Eugenia Falls, there were a few old stone structures.


After viewing the falls for a few minutes, we followed the trail upstream to where a bridge crossed the river.

We ended the hike at this old stone building, and headed back to the cars from here.


Then drove to our parents house to watch some Olympics and the final Tragically Hip concert :(

Overall, a pretty good hike. Took us just over 4 hours to finish the ~16 kms.

And no rain! (woot)


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