June 11th, 2016: KM 454.7 - 471.9

(Beaver Valley 10.6 - 27.8)

Eily was anxious to get going

Started the hike around 10:30, at the dirt crossroads.

The hike followed the road a bit, and then headed into a forest. The ground and grass were pretty wet with the previous night's rainfall. My feet got soaked pretty quickly.

Because it was wet, there were thousands of snails on the trail. In a few sections of the hike, there was a crunch under your foot almost every step as you stepped on the next group of snails. Pretty gross! 

I just realized that almost every one of these photos has Eily in it.

The trail alternated between forest and field a few times, crossing a road here and there.  

Also a couple of nice limestone sections where you could look down into deep crevasses.  

Tried to get Eily on film running through the fields

And she jumped over the A-frames pretty well. Has this blog become about Eily now? 

The trail followed an old mail road for a short while

After a little while, the weather cleared up, and we got some nice sunshine.

After crossing the final road, the trail ran past a farm with some friendly horses.

The view from the top of Metcalfe Rock. 

The climbers told us that this is the best place to climb in Ontario. Will have to come back sometime! 


We finished the hike at around 2:00, so 3.5 hours total.