September 20, 2014: KM 338.3 - 355.7

(Dufferin Hi-land 15.2km - 32.6km) Chris & Graham

Chris and I met at the SuperBurger in Shelburne, which might be our new meeting point for this section of hikes :) Superburger has a cool feature, namely an old TTC streetcar that serves as part of their dining room.

I purchased some fries, and Chris grabbed a burger, then we made our way to the start of the hike!

Since the drive has become so long (1.5 hrs for me!), we opted to go for 17.4 km in length. The other parking option was around 12km, which seemed too easy.

The hike began in the woods, with some nice rivers and bridges to cross.

After coming out of the woods, there is a nice panoramic lookout point from the end of a 70m side trail.

The next section of the hike went around the borders of a few different farmers fields. The views were really nice with all of the harvests coming in.

After the fields, we were confronted by a lot of ups and downs. A lot! Here's one spot where you can see the path reaching the bottom of a hill just in time to go up the other side.

We found an old truck in the middle of the forest, on a very overgrown road. This happens a lot on our hikes, and I wonder why people always abandon their cars like this.. Too hard to get them out?

After a short road section, the path cut back into the forest. This part of the trail did not match the map, and probably added an extra kilometer or so to the total length of the hike.

Let's learn about the American Beech!

We found our first "code word" during this detour section. I wonder if this is the first one, or if they started putting these up after we started hiking the trail?

It started pouring rain around this point, which continued for about 1.5 hours. I snapped a photo from the cover of the woods, but I don't know if the rain is showing very well.

After crossing another road, we came to a really cool section that went past and over some awesome  limestone formations. I looked down into this cave, which seemed to go straight down for about 30 feet.

Here's Chris standing on a natural rock bridge.

Total hike time was around 4 hrs 20 minutes. Not bad for an estimated ~18.4 kms, especially with the rain and all of the ups & downs!