April 6, 2013: KM 298.7 - 313.4

(Caledon 45.8 km - 60.5 km) Chris, Graham & Fiona

We hit the trail at 11am yesterday. It was a cool 4 degrees at the start, but the sun and the exercise made it feel warmer than this. I was hiking without a jacket for most of the day!

The first thing we noticed was that the trail was mostly snow and ice-covered. I especially noticed this when I slipped and fell in the first 5 minutes of the hike.

Somewhere around the Caledon 49.3km mark the trail began taking a different route than on our map. Checking the Bruce Trail website now, the route has really changed around this area, as well as in the very last section. Time for a new map!

The trail then crossed 5th Line EHS. We expected a 4km stretch of road at this point (according to our map), but instead the trail cut straight across the road and went into a tree farm..

then came out at the top of a ski hill. We did not see any signs, but this place looked a lot like Loretto Ski Resort, the first place I ever went skiing (back in Grade 8).

The trail switched back downward between two of the ski hills. This section of trail was very thin, and completely icy and slippery. It took us a long time to make our way to the bottom.

The trail finally came out at the entrance to the ski resort..

then turned and wet right back up to the top of the escarpment, where we found an informational plaque. This plaque said that this section of the trail was made in 2010 (hence why it was not on our maps). It also showed where we were on this little section of the trail, as well as our progress on the whole trail.

We continued hiking across a few other roads, and eventually came out at the top of Hockley Valley Ski Resort, the place where we stayed the night at the end of our last hike. About an hour before this, we had met the woman who maintained this section of the trail walking with her husband.

The trail then went down and through the Hockley Valley golf course.

The trail finally came out on 2nd Line EHS, and then followed the road back to the car park on Hockley Road.

Finally finished at 3:30pm (4.5 hrs total). Because of all the slow icy sections and the trail re-routes we were hiking much longer than expected. The actual length of the hike might have been closer to 15 or 16 kms.