October 14, 2012: KM 313.4 - KM 323.1

(Caledon 60.5 km- 70.2) Anthony, Jamie, Chris & Graham

So Chris and I (Graham) have been busy with traveling and new babies, and Anthony and Jamie have managed to get 3 hikes ahead of us. Today we teamed up for a 4 man hike together, with Chris and I jumping ahead a bit to hike the next section with them. We did the hike backwards, from the Caledon 70.2km mark back to the parking lot at 60.5km. We decided to keep this one short because rain was in the forecast, and the ground was wet and slippery.

Hiking started at 1:10pm:

Followed the misty road for a little while before cutting in to the wet forest

We were in the forest for just a short while, going up and then back down before the trail came back to the road. We had a couple of slips on the wet ground in this section, even though we were taking it slow.

Trail let the road again and went past some farmlands before entering Hockley Valley

Chris almost walked right in to this enormous spider that was on a line across the trail

 A lot of bridges on this section of the trail, including 3 that we encountered right in a row

Anthony found a weird Air Transat post it note with a shopping list.. It was behind one of the Bruce Trail sign markers. He left it there for someone else to discover

Jamie investigated an old car of unknown make

Turned out to have a very nice hike in pretty mile weather. Finished up at 3:45 despite the slippery grounds. Now Chris and I just need to get out and do those sections we've missed!