March 30, 2012: KM 247.5 - 266.7

 (Toronto 45.1km - Caledon 13.8 km)

So Jamie and I made it out again, and pretty soon after the last one!
I think the warm weather last week has kick started the mind into hiking mode, which is always a good thing.
As we set out for our "17k" hike we realized that March had returned to the customary cold that we are used to around here.

Shortly after we started Jamie stumbled upon this abandoned VW!

The hike also brought us through the Badlands just outside of Brampton.

This tree was so frightened by our arrival, that unlike the others that wanted to "leave", it decided to "split"! Mwah, mwah!

There were alot of ups and downs on the trail this time. More than we have been used to recently.

Some of the downs were so steep that hand rails were needed...or as Jamie decided, zip lines!

By the time we reached the falls in Cataract on the Forks of the Credit I was mentally and physically beat.

The 17km hike (as listed in the Trail guide) had really turned into a 19.01km hike.
Looking forward to the next hike and hopefully getting out as a full group with more views like this!