April 18, 2012: KM 266.7 - 282.6

(Caledon13.8 km - 29.7 km)

Quite amazingly Jamie and myself have managed to get out for another great hike!  The weather has been perfect, with the exception of the early morning cold.

We hiked the trail in reverse this time for ease of parking.  So we traveled from East to West.
Compared to the last hike this one felt like a cake walk.  There was alot of road walking and not too many up and down spots either.

The trail brought us down Escarpment Rd a.k.a. Magnetic Hill.  And lead us through the tunnel under Hwy 10.  I never knew this was here the numerous times I have driven over it!

As we came out the other side we passed a farm with many bulls.  This one was a little leery of us and after a stare down he decided he wanted nothing to do with Jamie.

This windmill was about to become overrun with vines and would probably look completely different during the summer months.

Once again we came upon the waterfall in the Forks of the Credit park, only this time approaching it from a much higher elevation.

Just before we finished the trail we found this group of Garter snakes.  There were a handful and they didn't seem to care we were there.

All in all another great hike completed in just over 3hrs 15min. with a few breaks to enjoy the views.