April 22, 2011: KM 214.2 - 229.1

Chris, Fiona and I started the 14.9km hike at 9:30am from the Speyside Nature Reserve parking lot. The day started out cold (2 degrees) and overcast. The trail followed a road for awhile, and then cut in to the trees of Speyside Woods. The initial trail was very wide and friendly.

After a little while, the trail became more rocky (and interesting)

One of the informational plaques showed a map of the whole Bruce trail network, with a "You are here" star. Looks like we're about a quarter of the way there?

This pond was made by a beaver dam. We checked out the freshly cut trees as well as the dam itself

After walking for another hour or so, we reached the Limehouse Conservation Area. This was the best part of the hike, beautiful limestone crevasses. The weather also started picking up around this time, sunny and about 15 degrees.

The trail cuts down into one of the crevasses, where we found that there was still ice from the winter hidden away from the sun.

The trail continued past the old (crumbling) Limestone workhouse and furnace

The trail continued with no more major interesting sites. Several (muddy) farmers fields and some nice forests.

We ended where the trail comes out on to Sixth Line at 26.7 of the Toronto section. Total hike time according to RunMeter was 3h 33m 34s.