October 31, 2010: KM 201.4 - 214.2

To celebrate the purchase of Graham's new hiking boots (and break them in before his vacation), on Sunday, Chris and Graham did a 12.8km Haloween Hike! (Iroquoia 124.5 - 125.5 and Toronto 0.0 - 11.8)

We started off where we stopped last week, in Kelso Conservation area

This fence marks the end of the Iroquois section, and the start of the Toronto section (Go Leafs Go!)

Shortly after, we found this plaque marking the first blaze on the trail

After crossing the 401 to its north side, this was the view back towards Kelso
The trail entered a golf course

And low and behold:


Then the trail starts going through some interesting cracks
After leaving the golf course and crossing a road, the trail goes up some steps and there is a crack in the rocks that you can climb down in to pretty easily

I coaxed Chris to follow me in.

The trail goes through the woods for awhile, then emerges at a long bridge over a road far below

The view to one side of the bridge:

And the view to the other side:

I think it was about at this point when I said "I don't think we're going to see anyone at all on the trail today", and about 1 minute later we passed a group of 27 people going in the other direction.
We hiked awhile longer, and then saw this weird tree with 2 blazes. The blazes are clearly telling us to continue forward (they are directly on top of each other) so we happily followed this path... for about 30 minutes... without seeing another blaze... so we turned around and came back
And found this just other blaze on a smaller trail to the right of that damn tree. How the heck did we miss that?

Just before the parking lot, there is a small pond in the backyard of someone's house. This pond is the home to a few river otters. We must have spent about 20 minutes here trying to snap photos of these shy guys.

With the missteps and the otter viewing, the hike took us about 3.5 hours.
Anyway, with the hike over, we headed over to our parent's house, stopping at the Apple Factory to pick up a pie on the way

We were greeted by a delicious meat pie dinner. Yay brussel sprouts & turnips!