October 24, 2010: KM 184.0 - 201.4

On Sunday the foursome got together for this milestone 17.4 km hike. (Iroquoia 107.1 - 124.5)

We started where we left off last time, on the road by the Calcium Pits in Milton. It was a damp and foggy day. Luckily most of the mud was covered by a bed of fallen leaves.

About 1 hour into the hike, we spotted a Grey Wolf on the path ahead of us. It darted off the path and a few seconds later we saw it watching us from the woods. We tried to catch it on camera, but it was all over so fast! Needless to say we were on wolf lookout for the rest of the hike. My first wolf spotting ever!

The trail took us through Crawford Lake Conservation area, and then into Rattlesnake Point. Just before getting to Rattlsnake Point, we ran into a large group of older ladies who asked us if they were going the right way to get to "the parking lot". Maybe a bit out out of their depth? Maybe not though, most of them had their ski poles with them.

We made our way through Rattlesnake, and then through Kelso, which is the home of Glen Eden ski hill and a ton of crisscrossing hiking trails. Our "end car" was waiting for us in the parking lot here, at the bottom of the ski-hill elevator.

The hike took a total of 4 hours (almost exactly). Afterwards, we headed over to Montana's for some 200km celebrations. Pics Below!

There's only about a kilometer left of the Iroquoia section, and we'll be in the Toronto section next!