October 11, 2010: KM 168.4 - 184.0

Today, Graham, Chris and Fiona finished a 15.6 km leg of the Bruce Trail hike (Iroquoia 91.5 - 107.1).

The hike started on Walkers line, goin up a hill to the top of the escarpment at Mount Nemo

There were alot of lookout points at Mount Nemo. The trees are all turning now, and the views were great.

As usual around Mount Nemo, there were plenty of hawks flying around on the updraft caused by the escarpment.

While walking through this area, I noticed a small grub on Fiona's head. I picked it off and showed her. Then we started noticing them on our clothes every couple of minutes. Before we got out of the park, we discovered that these grubs were hanging from the trees on little threads (like spider webs) and we were constantly walking through them. Once we made this discovery, it was difficult to not be constantly looking for them, and I kept imagining I felt them on my arms and in my hair.. Gross :/
Anyway, other than the grubs, the hike was pretty much perfect. Good temperature, and beautiful fall colours. We continued walking out of Mount Nemo along some roads, where we spotted some sheep, and a bunch of stables.

There was some weird house with a stuffed Owl in the tree out front.

The hike left the road again and headed through the forest, past a large Indian family hiking in flip-flops, down to a river with a metal bridge

Then headed back up to some more roads, and through a schoolyard and into Yaremko-Ridley Park.

Here we found one of the many chipmunks of the day. They were pretty camera shy

We ended at Chris' car on Twiss Road, parked right by this swamp:

All total, the hike took us 3 hours 38 minutes. Pretty slow, but we had alot of stops at the beginning for the views.
As a reward for a great hike, we hit the nearest Burger King on the way home for some delicious Whoppers and Poutine

The next hike should bring us through Rattlesnake point, and across the 401 to the Toronto section of the trail. We'll also be crossing the 200 km mark! Whoop whoop!