July 1st, 2010: KM 117.3 - KM 139.2

Just over 2 months behind AP and Jimmy J, but we finally got the hike done on this beautiful Canada Day. We were joined today by special guest Fiona.

We struck out form scenic drive at around 9:45am. Things started off nicely, weather was perfect, sunny but nice and cool. Not many bugs at all. Trail crossed a foot bridge over the 403.

Sherman Falls was the first interesting sight we reached.

Then shortly after there was Canterbury Falls, smaller and less vertical.

The Hermitage is an old historic house along this section of the trail

About 10km into the hike, we stopped for some hot dogs at the Dundas Valley Trail Center before continuing on.

Before reaching the re-routed section, the trail runs through some farm lands. The horses there were pretty friendly today

Just before we got to the city streets, the trail ran along a beautiful golf course. They were sporting Canada flags on the greens today.

We hiked one kilometer farther than the other boys on this one, as we wanted to get to the parking lot at the top of the hill. This is the Sydenham lookout point where we'll be starting from next time.

In total (with stops) it took us 4 hours and 18 minutes. We were moving pretty fast, and I don't know how the other guys did it one hour faster!

We'll need to get out again soon and catch all the way up!