July 25th, 2010: KM 153.3 - 168.4

This morning, Chris and I (Graham) headed out for a nice 15.1 km hike (Iroquoia 76.4 - 91.5).

Even thought it rained pretty heavily yesterday, this hike was so much easier than the last one. I expected the terrain to be really muddy, but the mud was relatively rare, and when it did come up it was easy to get around.

The trail was also much flatter this time, sections with hills were separated by long stretches of flat land. The trail went through a lot of fields, and some beautiful forests. The last ~4km ran along roads. Thank goodness it was not too hot today as the road section was in direct sunlight

This month has been a good one for hiking! Next hike will bring us through Mount Nemo, and the following one through Rattlesnake Point (and possibly Kelso). Exciting!

Update: Photos added