June 21st, 2010: KM 138.2 - KM 153.3

Well we haven’t made it out in a month! Better start with a light 15k+ (Iroquoia 76.4km).
Jamie and I started out with the tough uphill climb along side Syndenham St. in Dundas. Once that was out of the way the next 11km were relatively smooth sailing. Some ups and down but nothing too major. We felt like we breezed though this first section and were boasting about how early we will finish the last 3km.
Boy, were we wrong. I don’t know if it was the lack of hiking for 2months or the heat of the day starting to kick in, or the steady uphill that we encountered, but that last section after Snake Rd. kicked my but!
What a relief to finally get to the car and crack open a cold one…with some nice cool, juicy watermelon!
I barely survived the drive home and was dreaming of slinking into the basement and passing out on the couch. Man, I did not feel well for the rest of the evening.
Woke up today and everything was back to normal except for the chafing pain between my legs.
Hopefully we can get back out there soon so this doesn’t happen again.