April 27th, 2010: KM 117.3 - KM 138.2

Jamie and I were able to get out for our 3rd hike in as many weeks! The weather has been fantastic and the hikes have been great.
We parked the car at Crowley Crt (off Sydenham Rd.) and grabbed a cab for $25 back to Scenic Dr. to start the hike where we last left off.
For this section of the hike we found that there was alot of groomed hiking paths (roughly half of the total hike), making for an easier trek. It also uses a number of the roads to navigate through the city.
We did enjoy a few sections in particular that wind through some parks.
We passed two decent water falls. Sherman Falls was the first and is a pretty scenic hike. The second one is much smaller but still enjoyable because it is in a quiet part of the park.

The only disappointing part of the hike was the section that has been rerouted away from Websters Falls. That portion is now a side trial, and the main trail has been replaced by a walk through some quiet neighbourhoods just before our ending point for this section of the hike.

Hiking time was about 3h15min.

Time to get the walking shoes on Smiths!


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