Aug 15, 2009: KM 57.6 - KM 76.9

Wow, took me a week to get back my energy and post this after the hike last Saturday.

Because of the planned length of the hike we both had to drive. We picked a meeting spot at the end of the hike, and left pretty early. There was alot of traffic on the QEW because someone got hit by a car (who tries to run across the highway? Darwinism at work). Had some problems finding each other at the meeting spot, because the Bruce Trail map showed the parking lot on a different side of the road than where it actually is.

Finally started off the hike just after 10 am. Planned to do just under 20km.

There weren't too many interesting sights on this one, mostly walking through alot of forests. The terrain varies between rocky/uneven and wide/even throughout.

The day was extremely hot (record breaking), and there were a ton of mosquitoes in certain sections. It was a balance between walking slow to stay cool/conserve energy, and walking fast to get away from the bugs.

This photo is of a fort in the forest. These logs made up the roof. If you could see inside, there is a large "room" with a plastic chair. This is all set up right beside a nice creek. Does someone live here?

Around the halfway point the trail goes through a winery. There was a band in the field just outside of here playing cover songs. We heard them playing Tragically Hip as we approached.

We passed an apple orchard, and I could not resist trying a piece of fruit right from the source

At km 70 the trail enters 30 mile creek, which has a nice waterfall. We rested here for a bit before making the final push

Pear tree! I did not try one of these

Near the end of the hike the trail starts to go up and down quite a bit thought small valleys carved our by rivers. These pictures are from two different valleys:

It was a tough one, but we survived.

On the drive home, there was a huge traffic jam on the QEW. All lanes were closed. We both got off early to try and avoid it. The route I took ended up bringking me back to the highway, and I got a glimpse of the accident. There was a 3 care pile up, one of which was a police car. The cars were totally mashed and one was upside down. Not a good day for driving on the QEW!

Edit: I forgot the most important part! This hike marks the end of the Niagara Section of the trail. Woot!