July 5th, 2009: KM 42.4 - KM 57.6

After doing a few 2-man hikes, the gang of four finally got back together yesterday to hike the next leg of the Bruce trail. Photos courtesy of Chris, as he was the only one who brought a camera, fully charged this time!

We struck out from the Rockway Falls Convention Center at 9:40am, planning to do about 15km in 4 hours. The trail followed the road, and then the escarpment into Louth Conservation Area, where we saw our first waterfall of the day

There were a couple of guys with shaved heads hiking just in front of us here who were listening to a radio and smelled of alcohol. You see all kinds on the Bruce!

The trail left the Conservation area, and followed roads for a few kilometers. If you look carefully, you can see Toronto across the lake in the distance: CN Tower and Skydome (I will not refer to it by it's other, more commercial name)

The trail then left the road again, and followed the escarpment to Balls Falls Conservation Area. We took a break at some rapids downstream from the falls, eating delicious Chess Cookies (two of my favourite things in one package!). Also, see the video at the bottom of the post.

The trail continued up a huge hill, then down a bit to the top of the Balls Falls, and spent some time wandering around the buildings there. Balls Falls is 2/3 the height of Niagara falls, but mostly hidden by trees.

We left Balls Falls, and continued hiking to the end point. The last sections of the trail were very overgrown, probably less traveled, often through waist height grass

We finally made it to the end point at ~1:40pm, on schedule...

... and drove back to the start point, where Anthony treated us to some nice cold beers

Overall, perfect hiking day. Oh yeah, and so many delicious blackberries! How could I forget to mention that. Oh wait, I didn't forget after all