May 9, 2009: KM 29.5 - KM 42.4

The forecast called for rain.. On the drive to pick up Chris, the sky looked pretty scary. We figured we'd try our luck and go for the hike anyway..

Picked up where we left off, at Brock, we parked in the middle of a bunch of RVs that all had "We love Square Dancing" bumper stickers.. Very weird

We continued hiking around the lake at Brock

Even though it was not raining (yet) the trail was pretty muddy

Then, the trail left the lake, and started following the escarpment

There were three pretty big waterfalls thoughout the day, the first being DeCew falls. It has an old grain mill at the top, which we explored a bit

The trail then goes through Short Hills Provincial Park. At this point, it started pouring.. we got totally soaked. The rain kept up for about an hour. We were already moving pretty slowly because of the mud, but this slowed us even more.

Coming out of the park, the weather picked up, and actually became sunny.. The trail runs through a few farmlands before crossing a road. From here we could see our starting point Brock University.. Look for the building in the distance

We stopped at Rockway Community Center, which is right next to another waterfall (Rockway falls). Four hours to go 13k was much slower than our average.

From here we called for a cab, which was 16 bucks to get back to our car at Brock. Cheap, but the taxi driver was a bit of a nut job.